Trooper Robert Ambrose

New York State Police

Trooper Ambrose was killed on December 19, 2002 in an automobile accident when his patrol car was struck from behind by another vehicle on the shoulder of I-87 in Yonkers at approximately 2035 hours. Trooper Ambrose was writing an accident report for a minor accident when a vehicle attempted to switch lanes, struck another vehicle, and then veered onto the shoulder and struck the rear of Trooper Ambrose's Ford Crown Victoria. The Ford Crown Victoria burst into flames and both Trooper Ambrose and the driver of the vehicle that struck him, who was driving on a suspended license, were killed. The fire was so intense that the extra rounds stored in trunk of Trooper Ambrose's vehicle began to discharge.

Trooper Ambrose had been with the agency for five years and was assigned to Troop T in Tarrytown, NY.  He is survived by his parents a brother and sister.

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